Selling Your Home

For most people, selling their largest financial asset is a big decision and can take a lot of time and energy. Working with experienced professionals is the key to a successful sale. We pride ourselves in being proactive to eliminate or minimize potential roadblocks. We are full-time REALTORS® who have mastered the art of selling real estate in the Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Watertown and Medford market areas.

True Home Partners have a combined 57 years of experience working with sellers through every aspect of the selling process. We are at our best when we are consulted at the early stages. When appropriate, we can help determine the “highest and best use” of a property and sometimes we may even recommend not selling.

Below is a list of our seller services that will lead you to more detailed information:

  • A complete analysis of today’s market conditions and how they may affect your property.
  • If you are selling your primary residence, we will consult on how to coordinate selling and buying at the same time.
  • Work with you to decide what staging is needed.
  • Develop a customized Strategic Marketing Plan based on the target market for your property. Our plan will include internet and printed marketing collateral as well as the activities we will undertake to expose your property to targeted buyers and their agents.
  • Determination of a pricing strategy by creating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).
  • Accompany potential buyers and/or their agents to the property.
  • Skillfully negotiate with buyers and/or their agents to create a solid real estate
    • Perform due diligence with the buyer’s lender to minimize potential issues with financing.
    • Manage all of the details in the transaction to be sure that everything gets signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.


We’re here to save you time and money and minimize the stress on you!

Providing you with the most comprehensive listing service is True Home Partner’s top priority. So if you are thinking that selling is on the horizon, please contact us and let's get started!